Analogue Solutions Europa & Telemark – Pattern Creation

Here’s a video demonstrating the Analogue Solutions Europa hardware MIDI sequencer in action, re-creating a classic beat (Depeche Mode’s People are People).

Technical Details:

The beat was created using Europa’s Internal mode (not synced to MIDI clock or using outside sequencers). An Ensoniq ASR-10 was providing the drum samples in this case.

The Europa was also used to sequence the AS Telemark synthesizer at the end of the video and uses the Europa’s velocity controls (per step key) to control the Telemark’s filter (velocity to filter).

At the end of the vid, Europa is put into External clock mode and synced to MIDI clock (DAW sequencer). At this point, Europa will start/stop when the computer sequencer starts/stops. Europa also is sending sync to the AS Oberkorn MK3 sequencer, which is controlling the SE ObieRack.

3 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Europa & Telemark – Pattern Creation

  1. this shit looks so oldschool its like something off the set of 2001

    also i was thinking how this Depeche Mode beat could easily translate to some early Godflesh

    makes me kinda wish i had a spare $900 to drop on this beast

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