The Future Is Creepier Than You Thought

Off Topic: The future is creepier than you thought.

You wanted a flying car. Instead, you get robot HRP-4C leading a synth-pop dance off.

I’m not sure what’s creepier – HRP-4C’s dance moves or the happy backup dancers. And something makes me think that HRP-4C has secret plans to do this dance number on our graves.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

via kmoriyama

10 thoughts on “The Future Is Creepier Than You Thought

  1. Cylons are gonna get us!
    it starts with a dancer then come the robotic squadrons of death! 😀

    I guess somebody has already written a scientific paper about why the Japanese are so obsessed with robots and AIs…

  2. The thing to remember is that though the dancing may seem weird, this it straight up Japanese Pop and not unusual at all here in Japan (I'm in Kyoto). I actually prefer the robots face to the 'artificial' look of many of the 'live' JPop stars.

  3. Not so much synth pop, thats your regular jpop there. I really admire the way how music is blended into many animes and the way a lot of the Japanese voice actrices – when good – actually manage to move through into the music scene.

    As for this robot; its pretty neat. Apart from the hands which look a bit too big I think its pretty amazing; you can even catch it standing on one leg at some point into the video. That impressive.

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