Free Sample Pack For The Korg microSampler

Korg has released a free Bonus Sample Pack for the microSAMPLER.

Here’s what Korg has to say about it:

The Bonus Sample Pack provides a convenient shortcut for all microSAMPLER users by offering professionally recorded samples organized into fully-finished banks of sounds with sample-based musical patterns, all fully compatible with the microSAMPLER.

Find it on the Software section of Korg’s microSampler support page.


  • Korg Vintage Keyboards: Korg M1, CX-3 T1, Polysix, WAVESTATION, Trinity and more
  • Korg Vintage Rhythm Machine: 70s & 80s Drum Machines – KPR77, KR-55, S3, DDD1
  • Korg ES1/EM1: First generation of Korg Electribes – ES-1, EM-1
  • Vintage Keyboards: famous keyboard sounds from the ’70s and ’80s.
  • Electrohouse Construction
  • Breaks D’nB Dubstep
  • Drum and Bass
  • Alt Rock
  • Electronica

Each bank can also be customized by the player using the free Editor/Librarian software that is provided with each microSAMPLER. The microSAMPLER connects to Windows or Mac OS-based computers via USB.

2 thoughts on “Free Sample Pack For The Korg microSampler

  1. Korg should have had these available at the product's initial launch, and a mix of these banks as the ROM Bank (instead of it's awful current ROM bank). The samples are top notch.

    The demo sequences using these samples are a great example of the MicroSampler's abilities. Although I doubt the sequences were recorded on the MicroSampler, but imported MIDI from somewhere else.

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