Auto-Tune 7 Now Corrects Vocal Timing, & Can Still Make You Sound Like T-Pain

Antares has released Auto-Tune 7, “the most substantial advancement in capability and ease-of-use since Auto-Tune’s original introduction in 1997.”

Here’s what’s new in Auto-Tune 7:

  • Integrated time correction and manipulation.
  • Second generation of Evo Voice Processing Technology.
  • Create target notes from MIDI in Graphical Mode.
  • Adjust Adjust Throat Length on an individual correction object basis.
  • Enhanced Amplitude Envelope Display.
  • Enhanced Graphical Mode Adjust Vibrato function.
  • Amplitude envelope in the graphical editing window.
  • Expanded keyboard shortcuts.
  • Smooth continuous scrolling of graphical audio data.
  • The option to display the graphical timeline in bars and beats.
  • Increased vertical zoom range in Graphical Mode.

All that, plus “throat modeling”. For those occasions when you need a little throat modeling on your track.

Auto-Tune 7 is available now, for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS, TDM coming), for US $399. Upgrades are available for current Auto-Tune owners.

4 thoughts on “Auto-Tune 7 Now Corrects Vocal Timing, & Can Still Make You Sound Like T-Pain

  1. What's wrong with Melodyne? It's awesome. I am a fully paid up Melodyne Editor owner and it is perfect for serious vocal correction and manipulation. That said, FL Studio's immanent release of (free?) Newtone and Pitcher must have these companies worried to see the hosts sucking in all technology around them like a black hole 🙂

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