LinPlug MorphoX – New Morphing Synthesizer

LinPlug has introduced MorphoX, a new software synthesizer for Windows and Mac that emphasizes morphing sounds.


  • Sounds can be continuously morphed between two individual sounds including effects, using the modulation wheel.
  • Powerfull, yet easy to operate, subtractive sound engine with many modulation options.
  • Stereo Filter with simultaneous low pass, band pass and high pass and Filter FM.
  • Modulation Matrix (10 routings, 20+ sources, 40+ destinations).
  • User programable 16 step Arpeggiator.
  • Microtonal support (TUN file import).

MorphoX is available now, for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS), for US $129/99 EUR.

5 thoughts on “LinPlug MorphoX – New Morphing Synthesizer

  1. I still find it funny that the very companies who advocate for moving to all software based systems – indeed, even companies who only make software systems – still continue to present their products as 'hardware' if in pictures alone…
    like they realise the value of actually having a product that is solid and tangable… or atleast in presenting a product as actually consisting of hardware… so as to move away from the truth of their product existing only in a 2 dimensional graphic form…
    I mean, both have their merrits, it's just interesting to me, who tends tward hardware to see it so often done…

    which is not to point out the disappointment for someone like me who prefers hardware to find out that the pictures are actually little white lies… that no such hardware is made nor will ever be made…
    *sigh* oh vaporware… how you taunt me…

  2. Probably we all just use software because it's easier, cheaper, and takes up less space in the studio… but if we had the choice, we'd all go for hardware. That's why they market the plugs like that.

    I'm wondering if they will start to market touch based controllers like hardware ones too…

    Anyway. I must say that while this new LinPlug synth certainly sounds interesting, though maybe not interesting enough. Of course it's always about the details, and the MorphoX has some interesting details, but still, I think in the end it sounds like many others, it's more "yet another VA with a twist" to me.
    But maybe I feel like this because I kind of lost the interest in these things… For drums, strings, pianos and such kind of sounds I'd go for software all the time, but for the synth sounds there's nothing like a good old heavy chunk of electronics to mess with!

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