Microtonal Synth Jam – Autumnal Modulations

This set of videos, via Carlos Serafini, capture a laid-back micronal synth jam on a hexagonal control keyboard, Autumnal Modulations.

Here’s what Serafini has to say about the piece:

This song is both the first one I compose employing extensive modulations (with Carlos Gamma tuning system) and the first one completely transnotated.

Transnotation allows me to analyze my own compositions. To demonstrate that, I have recorded 2 short movies where I perform the “lead guitar” part of portions of the original tune while listening to the pre-recorded “bass” and drums parts and reading my transnotated score.

This guitar sound by Spectrasonics Omnisphere has already been featured on many songs of mine. I love it!

See Serafini’s site for details on the piece and his setup.

5 thoughts on “Microtonal Synth Jam – Autumnal Modulations

  1. The Man With The Golden Gun. Not a classic but rather wonderful in its own way… nice John Barry tune, the burnt-out hulk of Queen Elizabeth in Hong Kong Harbour and Britt Ekland in a Bikini. A perfect combination for a dark Monday night, so it was =D

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