Master Hands Lets You DJ With Gestures

This is a quick demo of The Master Hands – a set of gloves that let you control software with gestures.

Here’s what the developers have to say about The Master Hands:

The Master Hands revolutionizes the DJing experience giving you ultimate power and control in manipulating music by simply moving your hands. Put on the gloves and experience precision and freedom at your fingertips.

The gloves incorporate sensory technology and track hand and finger motions in all directions. The result is an entertaining experience, a chance to interact with the crowd in a live setting as well as compose original songs in a studio. With the ability to program specific hand movements to specific sounds, the possibilities are endless. The Master Hands includes a customizable software that you can create to best fulfill your specific needs. These DJ gloves plug right into your computer through USB, eliminating the need for a mixing board.

Not sure what happens when you need to have to scratch an itch…

Pricing and availability are TBA. Looks like this may be a design prototype – see comments below.

via Califaudio

3 thoughts on “Master Hands Lets You DJ With Gestures

  1. Hah. I dont think this is a real product. It was originally posted on djforums by a student in marketing and business as they had to come up with a viable product and see how it would sell, not create a real product. They had a survey based on these and the video and impressions from it

  2. Yeah, my roommate is on the team that created this product… this isn't real. Those gloves are marching band gloves. Sorry DJs 🙁

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