The Top 100 DJs In The World – 2010 List

Armin Van Buuren Tops The 2010 Top 100 DJ List

Armin Van Buuren tops the 2010 list of the Top 100 Djs in the world, as compiled by DJ Mag. Van Buuren beat out David Guetta, Tiësto, Deadmau5 and Above & Beyond for the top position.

For Van Buuren, it’s his fourth year at the top.

“It’s pretty obvious when you’ve been voted top for three years that at some point you have to come down,” says Van Buuren. “But, obviously, it’s a people’s vote, and I’m not going to lie and say I wouldn’t like to win it again.”

Check out the full list below. Unfortunately – you can play the “Where’s Waldo” of the Top 100 DJ List by looking for a woman on the list. And how many DJs on the list can you find that say they aren’t DJs?

As always, you can vent your thoughts on this year’s list in the comments.

The Top 100 DJs In The World – 2010 List

  1. Armin Van Buuren
  2. David Guetta
  3. Tiësto
  4. Deadmau5
  5. Above & Beyond
  6. Paul Van Dyk
  7. Gareth Emery
  8. Markus Schulz
  9. Ferry Corsten
  10. Axwell
  11. ATB
  12. Sander Van Doorn
  13. Infected Mushroom
  14. Steve Angello
  15. Dash Berlin
  16. Sebastian Ingrosso
  17. Laidback Luke
  18. Judge Jules
  19. Afrojack
  20. Aly & Fila
  21. Fedde Le Grand
  22. Carl Cox
  23. Swedish House Mafia
  24. Cosmic Gate
  25. Bobina
  26. Benny Benassi
  27. Sasha
  28. Simon Patterson
  29. John Digweed
  30. Eric Prydz
  31. Richie Hawtin
  32. Andy Moor
  33. John O’Callaghan
  34. Roger Shah
  35. Kaskade
  36. Headhunterz
  37. Chuckle
  38. Bob Sinclair
  39. Avicle
  40. Kyau & Albert
  41. DJ Feel
  42. Moonbeam
  43. Joachim Garraud
  44. Daft Punk
  45. Lange
  46. Sean Tyas
  47. Eddie Halliwell
  48. Erick Morillo
  49. james Zabiela
  50. Umek
  51. Paul Oakenfold
  52. Matt Darey
  53. Mark Knight
  54. Richard Durand
  55. Martin Solveig
  56. tyDi
  57. Hernan Catteneo
  58. Sven Väth
  59. Astrix
  60. Super8 & Tab
  61. Andy C
  62. Myon & Shane 54
  63. Marcel Woods
  64. Roger Sanchez
  65. Wally Lopez
  66. Mat Zo
  67. Marco V
  68. Leon Bolier
  69. Ronski Speed
  70. Wolfgang Gartner
  71. W&W
  72. Boys Noize
  73. D-Block & S-TE-FAN
  74. Dubfire
  75. Dirty South
  76. John B
  77. Daniel kandi
  78. Arty
  79. BT
  80. Boy George
  81. Pete The Zouk
  82. Fatboy Slim
  83. Skazi
  84. Paul Kalkbrenner
  85. Pete Tong
  86. Bloody Beetroots
  87. Arnej
  88. Joris Voorn
  89. Dada Life
  90. Noisecontrollers
  91. Showtek
  92. Laurent Wolf
  93. Claudia Cazacu
  94. Calvin Harris
  95. Luciano
  96. Marcus Schossow
  97. Sied Van Riel
  98. The Thrillseekers
  99. Justice
  100. DJ Vibe

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85 thoughts on “The Top 100 DJs In The World – 2010 List

  1. There's always some puzzlers on the list. Does Boy George just have a longer history in the music business – or more passionate fans?

  2. all i have to say is that it is rediculous that richie hawtin is nº 31!!!!!!! even more rediculous is that he is under john digweed, fedde le grande, axwell and afrojack is :S:S:S:S:S:S

    dj vibe.º 100 great!

  3. Just because you asked.

    Not DJs:
    Deadmau5 (or so he says)
    Infected Mushroom
    Daft Punk (only if you aren't counting deadmau5)
    Bloody Beatroots
    Calvin Harris
    Justice (i guess)

    Claudia Cazacu

  4. Yeah, but how many serious international female DJs can you think of off the top of your head?

    Claudia Cazacu, Ellen Allien, Lisa Lashes and Annie Mac are the only ones that come immediately to mind. Maybe Miss Kittn if you count her as a DJ. Peaches does some DJ sets, but i wouldn't call her a DJ… is that unfair?

    Can you think of any others?

  5. Were you referring to Boy George in the not DJs list?

    I also find it interesting that so much of this list is dominated by trance. 7 trance djs in the top 10. Hawtin is the highest techno dj at 31, headhunterz 36 for hardstyle, andy c all the way at 61 representing drum and bass. Crazy.

  6. How the f*** is David Guetta #2 and where the f*** is Bassnectar!!!!????!!! PoS mainstream DJs, I voted for infected mushroom but I just cant beleive DJ Lorin was beat by some of these tools

  7. Best DJ… muahahhahahahahahahaha *koff koff*… ts ts ts. Next they are gonna vote for best stair climber or best elevator-button pusher….
    Every DJ is the best DJ in the whole wide world, if he/she rocks my night I vote for them!

  8. Top Five Flamebait topics on Synthtopia:

    5) "Mac vs. PC"
    4) "5000 is too much for *any* piece of hardware"
    3) "This is three-year old 'news', Synthhead"
    2) "______ is the only synthmaker worth its salt"
    1) "DJs aren't really musicians"

  9. Crap, I forgot "sampling isn't stealing", "bit-torrents are good for musicians", "iamamiwhoami posted a new video", and "deadmou5 said something offensive".

  10. You also forgot "Everybody needs an iPod/Phone … and if you don't like my phone you don't like me, it hurts so much, and I hate you for not owning the same phone as me." 😀
    And you also missed my all-time favourite "Fruity Loops whatever it's called now vs. the rest of the world: The 64 bit wars." And then there's sometimes bitching about bitching about Ableton Live or, even better, software synths can do everything you're expensive modular synth does and better, you are a *CENSORED* for owning or even wanting to own such a thing.

  11. I still want to know what a DJ does other then play pre-recorded music. Look at the photo. Laptop, turntable, turntable, mixer, turntable, turntable, mixer, turntable.

  12. think it’s strange that there are names like:

    Daft Punk

    Bloody Beatroots

    Calvin Harris

    never seen a dj performence of them, while dj’s like Dave Clarke are not even in the list … one of the best dj’s ever

    1. its funny to me that only 2 out of 100 are actually called DJ (something)
      not that you have to be DJ (whatever) but youd think there would be more than 2!

  13. Top 100 DJs, who cares?? Did the people voting hear all the entrants and make a decision after that? Even if they did, why bother? Where is the top 100 rock guitarists lists, synth player lists, backing dancer, smoke machine operator?! 🙂

  14. maybe im an assface, but this seems to completely overlook the amazingly talented LA beat scene. No gaslamp killer? flying lotus? those guys have skills. oh and bloody beetroots suck hard

  15. yeah, but isn't that the keyword. by being mainstream, he's connecting with the most amount of people, which equals a higher ranking. I'm actually surprised he didn't take no. 1 this year. The domination of trance in the charts is an indication of the following it has, at least in the vocal part of the community that can be bothered with the dj mag polls.

  16. where is Marc Benjamin and where is Quintino?/???? and where is DJ G-Fresh! ??? I must really in the top 100!!

    and David Guetta is the best of all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's my star:)


  17. David Guetta is the best of all you know!!!!
    Do you have listen my music (DJ G-Fresh!) i'm 14 years and i'm the best DJ of Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard, Den-Helder, Texel and Noord-Holland. thats 1/8 part of Holland
    Are you also DJ? and where?

  18. Richie Hawtin, Daft Punk,Sven Väth and Andy C deserve huge props for getting big and keeping artistic integrity the whole way through while truly contributing to their respective scenes and the evolution of dance music as a whole . The rest of em all(well maybe not all but most) border on just being super hyped up tools .

  19. also would like to add that they're all dj's . just because you can program a "unst, unst, unst, unst," into 16 steps and press play does not make you any better than the guy next to you that can only just press the play button . if you think you are better than everyone else for being able to do that than you are doing it for the wrong reasons to begin with and are part of the reason that the young and hip in the states at least are rejecting dance music for rock more and more just as dance is finally crossing over(well there's a lot more to it than that so just bear with me on this rant) . also if you want to learn how Justice, Clavin Harris , and Deadmau5 make their tracks look up timofey's site . he's got some excellent sound alike live sets for ableton of some of their tracks . anyone can indeed do it just by learning what buttons to push , a lot easier than dedicating years to mastering an instrument so why don't we see a little more humbleness in the dj scene folks !

  20. well i that whole Tron thing probably has Daft Punk tied up . the Justice thing is weird though . they where actually gaining tons of respect with the stateside hipsters and indie-rock crowd and then they stopped and i haven't heard much about them in the last 12 months . which is sad cause they where actually pushing things harder and being a little edgier and getting away with and being successful at it .

  21. Infected Mushroom are most certainly a band made up of dedicated musicians . I think they just got lumped in cause they do dance music .

  22. Kenya carries the best of the best djs in the whole world. DJ Karismatic is voted best in the dj list world wide, niggaz u better recognize. A middle finger to da list above!

  23. Armin v. Buuren and Tiësto!!!!! the best DJ's in the world!!!

    The Dutch dj's has always been one of the best 😉 😛

  24. I saw Boy George perform last year and he was pure garbage. He shouldn't be on this list period. It's an insult to the other talent…

  25. Still loving century by tiesto ft calvin harris,.bounce by calvn harris,finished symphony(deadmau5 remix).spaceship-benny bennasi,leav da world stress-laurent wolf…strobe-deadmau5…..and many more.

  26. Why is Skrillex not in this list, Skrillex needs to be in this list Skrillex is better than headhunterz and keskade Skrillex needs to get on place 28

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