10 Free Windows VSTs, Including ‘Zombie Electric Guitar’

Necromare has released a collection of free sample-based VST instruments for Windows.

The instruments include:

  1. Orchestral Percussion, velocity sensitive with note variation along the keyboard.
  2. Kalimba, made with a single wave file.
  3. Zombie Electric Guitar, velocity sensitive with note variation, includes various scrapes and noises.
  4. Nylon Guitar, velocity sensitive and note variation includes harmonics, picking and plucking, and fret noise sounds.
  5. Bowed Guitar, a violin bow scraped across the strings of the guitar. Includes high string and high squeel sounds.
  6. Clean Electric Guitar, straight foward electric guitar with no effects. Sounds great with some distortion added.
  7. Acoustic Guitar, velocity sensitive with note vairiation, includes body thumps and fret noises.
  8. Fartburpatron 3000, farts and burps.
  9. The Office, various office items recorded including: Enter Key, Pen Click, Paper Ball, Inkjet Printer, Paper Rip, Stapler.
  10. Old Candle Jar, experimental instrument with sound of an old candle jar struck with a screwdriver.

You can download them at the Necroware site.

via myvst

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