iPad Gets USB MIDI Support (Video Demo)

Back in September, we reported that system-level MIDI support was coming to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with Apple’s upcoming iOS 4.2 system upgrade:

MIDI support means that the iPad could be a touchscreen control surface for any MIDI device; developers will be able to create multi-touch sequencers that control MIDI hardware; and you should be able to plug your MIDI keyboard into an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and play your iOS software synths.

Here a demonstration of how USB MIDI on the iPad will work, via developers MooCowMusic:

A demonstration of using the Pianist Pro with the Apple Camera Connection Kit as a USB MIDI interface. Plug in a MIDI sound module and control it from your iPad. Alternatively plug in a MIDI keyboard and use Pianist Pro as a simple MIDI recording studio.

Coming soon in Pianist Pro V1.8.

Note that although the iPad will not recognise unpowered USB devices, bus-powered keyboards can be used with a dual-input USB cable and a powered USB hub.

Note that USB MIDI on the iPad requires iOS 4.2, which Apple is expected to release later this month.

Once Apple released the update, PIanist Pro will be work wirelessly, via OSC and DSMI, and using hardware MIDI devices via the USB adapter or the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer.

Expect other developers to follow suit.

8 thoughts on “iPad Gets USB MIDI Support (Video Demo)

  1. What about iphone?

    That means that we could just plug ipad on a laptop and use it as midi controller for a program e.g. Live?

  2. throw multitasking in there, and its about to become a core piece of a lot of peoples systems, not just the controller!!! I want to see CoreMIDI/Audio routed internally on the iOS devices – one app controlling another.

  3. ..now it really starts getting interesting!!! Imagine the major producers putting their software Editors into the Ipad!!! That would be wonderful;o)

  4. No the Ipad camera connection kit does not work on iphone 4. I found this out yesterday. I would expect the next update to solve that.. The Ipad VGA adaptor did not initally work on iphone, but recently just got supported apps on board. So I would expect this to work on all the range, Ipad's, iphone's, Ipod touch's (eventually at least anyway..)

  5. suggestion:
    ideally the midi keyboard would simply connect to the iphone or ipad – without a 3rd intermediary device.
    to incorporate the midi adapter into a midi keyboard, and
    add a blue tooth wireless connection.

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