Adobe Audition Coming To The Mac

Adobe has announced that Audition 3 – its audio file and multitrack editor –┬áis coming to Mac OS X:

Adobe Audition for Mac will bring modern audio post-production to the platform of your choice. Familiar tools for audio editing, multitrack mixing and recording will meet expanded device support, greater workflow flexibility, and optimized performance. Plus, best-of-breed audio restoration tools make it easy to clean up production audio. With the essential tools you rely on for fast-turn projects, Audition for the Mac brings a fresh face to audio post-production.

Audition for Mac Features:

  • Powerful audio editing and multitrack mixing views.
  • Superior noise reduction capabilities.
  • Native 5.1 Surround support and multi-channel effects, plus other new effects.
  • Optimized audio post-production workflows.
  • Fast start-up, high performance multi-threaded processing, and parallel workflows.

A public beta version of Audition for the Mac is expected to be available this Winter.

via SonicState

14 thoughts on “Adobe Audition Coming To The Mac

  1. The relationship between Adobe and Apple has been strange since Apple gave flash the finger. This seems like a soft slap in the face to Apple while Adobe bites it's tongue cheek.

  2. It seems that Adobe has decided that its customers are moving to the Mac, so it needs to do this also.

    Do you think Cakewalk is going to have to follow Adobe's lead?

  3. So I guess it's official. Adobe has completely abandoned the promotion of Audition as a multi-track recorder, instead going all the way to promoting it as a post-production tool. As a long-time user of this software I have to say that I'm extremely dissapointed and p*ssed off. To me this means that they are not going to address the pitiful way Audition handles VSTi's, much less midi ( I'm not a midi person, but I imagine they're upset also). I think they shot themselves in the foot. Very stupid move Adobe!!!

  4. no offense.. but who uses adobe for audio production? ive been to numerous recording studios in my time and never seen it there

  5. I guess nobody now, LOL. Seriously though, many people like me with home recording setups found Cool Edit Pro/Audition to be a very stable full-fledged DAW host (check out some of the posts on KVR), but with no upgrades with respect to multi-track recording or midi it appears to no longer be an option. Too bad.

  6. if they dont do a PC update at the same time adobe can bite me, audition 3 is perfect for audio game dev is so many ways…its got some functions that nothing else has… they havent done anything with it in years @ etaws yeah your so right, the whole flow of the VSTi's and midi is rubbish, but the multi-track bounce to edit window add markers and detect silence are awesome ninja tools… it's so so close to being the only thing you need to create content for game post production and radio/tv content, it just falls over on a few key features…hear me adobe? your sitting on a gold mine..audition could be the best tool for video game sound…it's so close…its the best in the editing department hands down, lagging as a DAW….release on PC or i'll be sad and wont press the like button on facebook….

  7. Cool edit never existed on Mac, so how did Adobe 'steal' it from the Mac? I don't like Adobe at all (I have to use their products on a daily basis, and they have the most draconian licensing terms known to man), but this one doesn't make sense :s

  8. You're right. I always got cool edit and sound edit 16 mixed up. But, sound edit was the wave editor for mac, (pre os x), which was basically the same. It was owned by Macromedia, which was bought by adobe, and then the program was discontinued. Basically the same accusation applies. Purchase a smaller company and then discontinue their products so you can push your own. But it just never made sense to do this and then not replace it for one platform? Haha i'm sticking by my original ass~ertion about that company. And if i have to update my acrobat one more time this year, i might even blow a gasket!

  9. You enjoy it, Mac users. Adobe took the awesome Cool Edit Pro and proceeded to completely screw it up in every way. It's so crashy you'll think you were on OS9 again.

  10. I use adobe audition and always have to make music. I seem to have mastered it over the last 12 years or so, and even tho there are other programs that are much better and more powerful, they have yet to make one that is so quick to edit, so easy to copy, cut, paste, easy to manipulate sounds (even tho not nearly high enough in quality of sound), and so specific (to the millisecond). To try to do what I do, with anything else, is impossible. That's why nobody can do what I do….bang

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