Amp Live’s Chick Pop

Amp Live’s Chick Pop

DJ and producer Amp Live was an early adopter of the Livid Ohm64.

Check out how he uses his custom Ohm64, upside-down.

via livid, fanman510:

It’s another installment from Zion I’s Amp Live delivering a definite dose of electric funk. Coming from a history of defying all boundaries when it comes to the contemporary sounds of music, this video is evidence that the mission lives on.

Prepare yourself as Amp Live plays the role of a electro-magnetic maestro as he guides you through an electric fairytale of injected images of breaking dancing, ninjas, & chickens (that’s right I said it). This video takes you on a muscle bond journey of beats that even I have a problem NOT moving too. Damn it, for being so catchy! ‘Chick Pop’ was recently featured on MTV’s Buried Life. You can get the track off of Amp Live’s recent solo album, “Murder At The Discotech”.

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  1. this "upside down" rack style is actually quite common amongst modern post hip-hop acts and other people that use MPC type pad devices in a live situation.. so the audience can see what they are doing

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