MIDIPilot Turns IPad Into A Multifunction MIDI Controller

iPad Music Software: MIDIPilot (App Store link) is a $9.99 app that turns your iPad into a configurable, multifunction MIDI controller, using its multi-touch display to play notes and control synthesizer and effects parameters to a computer over a WiFi connection.

MIDIPilot is modular in structure, and can operate as various combinations of a scrollable, piano-style keyboard with pitch bender, controller ribbons and X-Y pads.

MIDIPilot works with the open-source DSMIDIWiFi software, which is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

If you’ve used MIDIPIlot, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

4 thoughts on “MIDIPilot Turns IPad Into A Multifunction MIDI Controller

  1. I generally pride myself on being able to get virtually any time piece working again, whether it’s a 130 year old German Trumpeter, a 15 ton bell tower working or a simple little cuckoo clock running properly. But when I downloaded MIDI Pilot, I met my Waterloo !!!

    Here’s the thing: I wanted a midi application to run off my iPad so that I could test and run Digital-to-analog converter to drive a series of solenoids that strike bells to play a tune. Downloaded the app to my iPad and yep, there it is! Great, right?

    WRONG!!!! can’t hear any sound out of the app when I press the piano keys on the screen.

    Am I doing something incorrectly?? How can I program a song or a tune in MIDI format using MIDI Pilot if I cannot hear the digital sound coming from my iPad so that I can program the series of bells to play?

    Sound is on, on the iPad…I see that the ‘piano keys’ on the app are lighting but no sound. I say MIDI Pilot is a “Miss,” not a “Hit.”

    Half of the features I really don’t need like bending a note…who needs that? I just want it to play the note I just pressed on the screen–that’s it. Can’t seem to do it. Why??

    If there is something simple (and usually there is) please let me know what I am doing wrong.

    It looks like a great application but it is virtually no good to me unless it is easy to use, intuitive to figure out and works like it should.

  2. Does it work with a standard MIDI interface ?

    I want to use it with MAC OS 9.2.

    I have an interface, Neusonik iM/One, that works well between my iPad and my MIDI Express XT. I’ve been using iBend but it’s too limited and since the pro version doesn’t exist anymore, I’d like to get this app. But if it’s only Wi-Fi I won’t be able to use it

    Has anyone tried it without Wi-FI ?


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