MSSIAH Acid Jam on C64

Sunday Synth Jam: This acid synth jam features MSSIAH running on Commodore 64.

Details below.

via traumaduo:

A test of the 8bit ventures Mssiah on the Commodore64

2 Tracks with the MSSIAH Bassline
1 iPad for controlling the Bassline Parameters
1 iPhone for un-/muting the Audiotracks
1 BCR-2000 for Reverb- and Delay-Control
1 MFB 503 (Kick)
1 MFB 522 (all the rest)

3 takes (1 for Beat and first Bassline / 1 for the second Bassline / 1 for the FX-Controllings)

Videorecording on iPhone4

2 thoughts on “MSSIAH Acid Jam on C64

  1. Too bad my Commis aren't in working order. I'll definitely need to get a working C64 again. Another option would be to try and unsolder the SID chips from my dead C128s and build something around that. Still love the sound.

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