Deadmau5 Synth Gear Revealed

Deadmau5 synth gear

Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, shared a collection of photos of his studio and synth gear collection at his Facebook page.

If there was a Synthtopia’s Synth Porn Of The Week award, these shots of mau5trap 3.0 would get it.

And, yes, that’s a MacBeth M5N semi-modular synth sitting on the floor with a vintage Roland synth sitting on top of it.

13 thoughts on “Deadmau5 Synth Gear Revealed

  1. It must be awkward to use the modulars on the floor. Kind of reminds me of Klaus Schulze sitting on a flokati rug on the floor in front of his Moog modular and assorted keyboards. All in all it's way more humble than I expected.

  2. Great to see (hear!) a dance music artist using so much hardware. I am definately not against softsynths (I have a few) but there is so much *soft synth only* produced dance music out there, it definately does have ‘a sound’ to it IMO that makes it sound like everything else. I am mainly speaking for Trance here actually come to think about it! 🙂 Just listen to the top 10 trance tracks at beatport or audiojelly. It could be the same artist making all the tracks.

    I second the regular synth porn of the week award on synthtopia! make it so! 😉

  3. Andy, while there's something to be said about the impact of everyone using the same apps and plugins, the reason that the top 10 tracks of (insert genre here) sound all the same is that top 10 producers use the same tried and tested formulas instead of pushing the boundary every time. The gear is just the interface.

  4. I for one would like to see some more hot synth on synth orgies. Gang patching inputs where there should be outputs, disgusting amounts of resonance and feedback, delay on delay, dirty synths screaming in unison. That is hot.

  5. Of course theres all that horsecrap, yet no cash put into singal processing and completely incorrect monitor placement…if only rich chumps could put their money into technique or skill…

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