MIDI On The iPad Is ‘Brilliant’ & ‘Ultra-Responsive’

The developers at Omenie have been working on iOS 4.2 and adding MIDI support to their virtual instruments – and they say that MIDI on the iPad is “brilliant” and “ultra-responsive”.

You can see how Ellatron works via CoreMIDI above.

Here’s Omenie’s prescription for using Ellatron or M3000 as a MIDI-powered virtual instrument:

  • Take 1 iPad.
  • Take 1 Ellatron. Or M3000. Or Jordantron.
  • Take 1 powered USB hub. The ‘powered’ bit is important
  • Take 1 Apple Camera Connection Kit.
  • Take 1 M-Audio Axiom 49. Or similar. But we really do like the Axiom 49 …

Instant MIDI-enabled Tron.

Omenie also says all their apps are being updated to be universal:

So M3000 for the iPhone for the first time. Jordantron universal on launch date.

And having pretty much all your controls exposed to the MIDI keyboard makes the iPhone / iPod Touch so usable as a performance instrument – no squinting in the dark and carefully positioning fingers to make changes, just move a slider or change a rotary control and you can select different voices, tweak reverb, change chordbanks – suddenly makes the iPhone a genuinely amazing performance or practice instrument.

The iOS 4.2 update is going to make the platform a lot more interesting for musicians.

4 thoughts on “MIDI On The iPad Is ‘Brilliant’ & ‘Ultra-Responsive’

  1. Yay! Yay! Yay!

    That is EXACTLY what I was hoping would work well with MIDI support in 4.2!!!

    I am extremely excited about updates to various audio apps on the iPad (think iMS-20) to support MIDI-In. This will transform the iPad into a much more serious contender in the audio space.

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