Rock Band 3 Keyboard As A MIDI Controller (Video Review)

Here is a review, via olafwagner and the submit a story page, of using the Rock Band 3 keyboard (PS3 version) as a keytar-style MIDI controller:

While the accessory was obviously designed to be a game controller first, and a MIDI controller second, there is actually more functionality than expected.

Subsequently to uploading this video, I figured out what the button beside the touch controller is used for. If you hold the button while using the touch controller, the touch slider behaves as a ‘pitch? bend’ whereas without the button it works as modulation.

I also saw somewhere that the d-pad is used to split the keyboard, will mess? around with that some more.

See this earlier Rock Band 3 keytar post for more info.

Anyone else now rocking the keytar with a Rock Band 3 keyboard controller?

2 thoughts on “Rock Band 3 Keyboard As A MIDI Controller (Video Review)

  1. Regarding the overdrive button, which you say sends out no messages: holding the button whilst manipulating the touch sensitive strip alters pitch bend if im not mistaken.

  2. Dear Friend, I need help! please!

    First I would like to thank the opportunity to take my doubts.

    I got a controller ROCK BAND 3 KEYTAR and also an USB MIDI CABLE ADAPTER. I would greatly appreciate it if you would explain to me what I need to use my ROCK BAND 3 as MIDI CONTROLLER. I already did everything that I understand how POSSIBLE to control MIDI PIANO or some other software but still not got success!

    Thank you in already,

    Best regards.


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