Synthscape’s Forest Spirits

Sotiris (Synthscape) sent this music video in via the Submit A Story page, asking “Can computers generate pleasant melodies, with a little assistance from humans?”:

My latest music track, required music “not composed by humans” so i turned to random number generation procedures to decide which notes to play for the harp, flute, choir and music box parts of Forest Spirits.

The rest were composed/played by me (human, real human). The only additional step was to “restrict to scale” the random notes selection.

So, what do you say? Can computers generate pleasant melodies with a little assistance from humans?

3 thoughts on “Synthscape’s Forest Spirits

  1. So, if a question is "old and settled" we must never make any reference to it, even if it results to have fun making music while investigating the "answer" ourselves?

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