9 thoughts on “iPad DJay First Look (Video)

  1. this looks like a fun toy. better solution for a party than a stagnant playlist. however, with the out put on the ipad being sub-par I doubt it will ever be taken seriously. the extra midi control is fantastic, but as an all-in-one solution it seems very limiting. how do you discretely cue the next track? only visually?

  2. looks like fun. But of course will give oldschool djs more reasons to hate Digital djs.

    On the other hand, it could convert a bunch of jocks to djing….

  3. Why couldn't you hook two ipads to a traditional DJ mixer and use the pitch control to beat match? You could then get real previewing, manual beatmatching, and 4 decks. This platform has promise as more than just a toy.

  4. It uses Airplay to stream the music to Airplay compatible devices. That solves the problem of the crappy line-out on the iPad.
    You can use the headphone jack as a monitor to cue the next track.

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