Rhythm Core Alpha For The Nintendo DSi

This video offers an intro & demo of Rhythm Core Alpha – a music synthesizer & sequencer for the Nintendo DSi.

via rhythmcorealpha:

Rhythm Core Alpha is a fun and powerful music creation system for Nintendo DSi. This video shows how to create your own music quickly and easily, explaining every step of the process. It starts with creation of a simple drum loop in a matter of seconds! Then it adds simple bass and melody parts, and shows how to build an automated chord progression. Finally, simply solo over the top of your backing tracks using the stylus.

Rhythm Core Alpha comes with 122 drum sounds and 166 instrument sounds from synths to orchestral instruments, allowing you to make many not just electronic trance music and chiptunes, but almost any style of music.
Rhythm Core Alpha is available for 500 Nintendo Points in the Nintendo DSiWare shop.

For more info: http://www.rhythmcorealpha.com

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