Electron Octatrack Coming Dec 20th

Elektron has announced that its new 8-track sampling workstation, the Octatrack, will be available Dec 20th:

After several years of development we are happy to announce the imminent arrival of the Octatrack dps-1. We are confident our efforts have resulted in a unique machine with a huge potential and we really look forward to see how users all over the world will use and abuse it.

Unless any unexpected events occur the Octatrack will be officially released Monday the 20th of December. Starting Monday the 13th of December it will be possible to place pre-orders.

The Octatrack DPS-1 is a 8 track dynamic performance sampler. Maximum sample bit depth/sample rate: 16 bit/44.1 kHz. The Octatrack is ideal for radical audio processing and performance oriented sampling. Every track features real-time pitch scaling & time stretch and the next generation Elektron step sequencer has been designed with maximum usability and efficiency in mind.

The Octatrack will ship with a power supply unit, a USB cable, a printed user’s manual and a 4 GB Compact Flash card. The card is filled with 2 GBs worth of 100% royalty free loops and samples from Loopmasters making the Octatrack ready for action straight out of the box.

According to Elektron, the Octatrack will be especially suited for five categories of musicians:

  1. Live performers tired of using laptops on stage
  2. Producers who want to get really creative with samples in the studio
  3. DJs looking for a way to be very creative with loops/captured sounds when spinning records
  4. Musicians needing backing tracks during their performances (each of the eight tracks can stream gigabyte-large samples)
  5. Guitarists and multi-instrumentalists looking for the best looper option around

The Octatrack list price will be €1240/$1490.

For more information, see our previous Elektron OctaTrack coverage, the Elektron-Users forum and the Elektron site.


8 thoughts on “Electron Octatrack Coming Dec 20th

  1. Can somebody, anybody, please let me know the resolution of this device. The price is right, but the utter lack of information as to it's bit rate is more then slightly disconcerting. 12 for gritty, 16 for CD, or 24, like is the current trend?

  2. Thanks a mill. It's terrible when you have to do research to find proper specs. These ones are even good! Also, that's just the sampling quality, the effects are even 24 bit. I guess, now with the audio sampling capabilities in a computer, they just don't sound as impressive. But seriously, sampling at CD quality, that is a-o-k by my books. it's as good as bought. I might even say, this is one of the first 21st century samplers! ~ but then again, i am drunk.

  3. How is this the best looper for guitarists and other instrumentalists around? You have to get a separate foot pedal to use it for that purpose in most realistic situations. I don't think that Boss need be worried about this one.

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