Nerd Revolt’s Working Title

Here’s a Virus three-way live studio synth jam, Nerd Revolt’s Working Title.

via NerdRevolt:

Original version of “Working Title” can be found on our “Haze of introspection…and sh*t.” EP.

Available on Innerflight Music.

22 thoughts on “Nerd Revolt’s Working Title

  1. I wish I could offer these folks some constructive criticism, but I don't know where to begin. As the previous poster said, this truely uninspired, although there are a couple of interesting sounds produced.

  2. Again, why ? Notice there is only 1 group active in Maschine. I mean you could do this whole track with maybe 3 groups in Maschine. And 3 Viruses ? Yeah, I am going to buy a 3k synth to play one sound, and occasionally act like I am tweaking a knob. Is that EMU controller controlling the Virus rack ? I mean come one!!!! Do you think they know the Virus is 16 part multi? Hey guys, you could use that emu to play another part in your Polar instead of buying another Virus!!!!!
    Of course some one will respond and say multi mode isn't stable or dependable etc. But it seems to work for Liam Howlett and Depeche Mode. This is just another fine a example of gear whores who don't actually know how to use their gear. Sorry, but it's a disgusting show of gluttony and ignorance.

    Go on now!!! Defend them!!! Tell me why it's so magical and awesome!!!!
    I am not coming back to this post so go ahead and lay into me, and ask me where my
    music is, and say things like "well they look like they're having fun, and I like it"

    And why does Synthtopia continue to post this crap!?!?!?!?!?!!!??

  3. yeh id have to agree with the rest here, this is pretty lame

    also surprised nobody mentioned how shitty this guys playing was.. if you are going to play parts live you should probably work on your chops… that plink plonk plink stuff was mostly not in time

    beyond that.. melodically and rhythmically it wasnt even up to elevator music standards.. it has a "rank amateur" sound to it.. and not in a good way, but in a "wow i want to be like everyone else" way

    hmm sounds harsh but thats what i think, so let me say sorry to the love and light flower children

  4. I loved it, but would of loved some more variation in sound. If I heard this without the visual, I would swear that they just used Ableton with a APC40 and LaunchPad. Looks like they were timid to get loose for the video. Still cool to see them Jamming out tho.

  5. The day when Nerd Revolt produce something that is not intensely boring will be a day to savour indeed. But today is not this day.

  6. Some nice sounds. I don't really care for the kind of music produced (if I'm using keyboards there's usually a fair bit of melody involved, plink/plonk does not count as melody). Perhaps they could try an ambient jam without a beat pounding in the background so we get to see some real synth playing. That could be truely interesting given that there's quite a bit of gear to use.

  7. What the crap it this? Just because Nerd Revolt totally blows doesn't mean you should post your crap that super blows.

  8. Keep up the great work! You guys are doing something special and unique, much more creative than just sitting around complaining about what others are doing on a public forum. Love the rework/update of this great track. The bass always kills me, especially into the drop. Cheers.

  9. Hahahahaha…you guys are a bunch of lame, small dick idiots. People got together to make music and videos to share, and you pot bellied, miserable idiots just watch on the sidelines as they’re actually CREATING and being too busy to notice your meaningless existence.
    After all, where’s YOUR MUSIC and videos? THEN you might have the right to criticize. Til then, have fun trolling while your wife cheats on ya…

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