6 thoughts on “How To Use The Vocoder In Ableton Live

  1. The Live vocoder is amazingly easy to use. Cosm usually shows the simplest of ways to do something, this being no exception. I've seen a lot of crazy pointless routing but this is by far the best way to go about it. Now to wreck a nice beach!

  2. Partly interesting IMO. There have been so much vocoder video's already that its a little bit dull. In this case Tom didn't present anything new here. Its basically the same info which Huston Singletary (Ableton Live Clinic) showed us; the main difference being of course using a sample as carrier instead of a playing a chord with a keyboard.

    By the way; that Photosounder gadget is nice but WAY overpriced IMO. I mean; $175 ?

    Sonograms can indeed give you a very interesting perspective on your sound, no question about it. But when using Live I'd recommend getting the Sonogram SG-1 VST instead:

    You can either check your sound data realtime or freeze it, you can tweak any settings you want and most of all; you don't need to export your audio first. And its free too, who can beat that?

  3. I use Live and the routing shown here is the most simple I have ever seen. The video is dull and I love it for that. No flash. No sparkle. Just a generous person sharing his knowledge.

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