5 thoughts on “Buchla 200e Cubism

  1. I do have to say the content of this blog has really improved from earlier this year. Still a bit too much computer stuff for blog called "Synthtopia", but good job guys!

  2. What relation does the "visualization" have to the sound? Looks just arbitrary.
    We saw quite a bit of that 20 years ago.
    To complete the hate session, it's kind of weird how guys buy synth parts for $50K, then try to do preset ambient on them. What a misuse of quality solder…

  3. The center cube obviously reacts as a 'speaker' to the music beeng played, also the rest of the visuals seem to react to the noisy part and the reverb. I think the connection is very well made, not too tight, not arbitrary.On the other hand each elementon it's own , not that interesting….

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