New Max For Live Granulator Effect – KFlux

Kflux is a new Max For Live device for granulation of sound:

Kflux works like a sampler – just put in your audio sample and let the granulation begin

Kflux can produce a wide range of sound results : streams of grains, massive granular clouds, complex textures, walls of noise, etc…
Thanks to the Max For Live total integration, each Kflux parameter is fully automatable in the Live’s timeline. No external Max objects are used in Kflux.

Kflux comes unlocked – owners can open, edit, and re-use parts of this device.

Kflux is currently available for 9.99 Euros.

2 thoughts on “New Max For Live Granulator Effect – KFlux

  1. To those people who might be interested after reading the story I'd strongly suggest to go over the demo video first (on the page mentioned above look for the "kflux overview" icon at the right of the screen).

    Quite frankly the sound demo's given there don't sound that convincing to me.. Given that the E9,99 is a timed discount price I'll pass on this one.

  2. To me this falls under the just becuase you can do something does not mean you should.

    Oh wait, this is for sale? AND its on sale?!?

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