Beatles “The Long And Winding Road” On Theremin

Peter Pringle’s cover of The Beatles’ The Long ¬†And Winding Road, performed on Moog Ethervox theremin.

via copperleaves:

This song is called THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD and it was one of the last songs the Beatles did together (1970) before the group broke up. For me, this video was an experiment in trying to play precision theremin and sing at the same time. I found that the best I could do was play “fills” (short instrumental phrases between the melody lines), so I only sang one verse.

The song itself has a very interesting history and has its own article on Wikipedia, at the following URL:

The theremin I am playing is a Moog Ethervox, and I am singing into a Sennheiser headset microphone.

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