Tyrell Synthesizer – More Synth Than Synth?

This is shot of the rather sexy Tyrell synthesizer – a new synth design which is, unfortunately, vaporware.

The Tyrell synth is a design of German online music magazine amazona.de. They created the Tyrell as a sort of “dream synthesizer” and to encourage manufacturers to think big and create synths that compare favorably to the greatest synths of all time.

Here are the Googlish specs:

  • 2 oscillators
  • Synchronisation of the oscillators, FM and ring modulation as well as pulse width modulation are intended.
  • The waveform-shaping are flowing and rich of sine (for FM and ring modulation interesting) up to two special „intoxication “- forms, in order to be able to make on oscillator basis also Sync or FM with them and generally extend by the sound pallet. The waveform-shaping can be adjusted so also in their symmetry and modulated (pulse width modulation).
  • Ring modulator with different points of pick-up. It hardly dares a manufacturer to feed the ring modulator differently than with the two oscillator signals. Here there is a choice to include the filter with.
  • Modulation bus for filters and oscillator separately
  • Special mixture range, which finally causes additionally saturation, in extreme attitudes distortion and feedback, therefore please never push the automatic controllers immediately completely upward.
  • Multi-mode filter with the characteristic for the determination of the range of the bandpass filter, as well as special saturation and sound characteristics of different typical structure forms of filters (construction unit-oriented)
  • Arpeggiator
  • Retriggerbare and jagged ADSR envelopes through „LFOs “(here modulation oscillators called, since we do not attach importance on „slowly “.
  • Modulation Sequencer can steer arbitrary parameters
  • Two modulation oscillators beginning with MIDI Clock option and Shaping, as well as switchable different random variants, with the classical „SAM-polarize & Hold “and Fade in or Fade out alternatively and hue control

Check it out and let us know what you think about the Tyrell synth. And let us know what you’d want to see on your dream synth!

11 thoughts on “Tyrell Synthesizer – More Synth Than Synth?

  1. The human ear works in a certain way, so musical instruments inevitably follow suit. Synth design is pretty well locked-in for the most part, as it all depends on pitch/waveform, tone and time shaping. You can stretch out with modulars or MAX, but the basics remain. As a result, this synth merely strikes me as a German JP-8000 with the participating group's Wish Lists in evidence. A VERTICAL control strip for pitch-bend and the like suits my idea of a good tool for emotive playing, but any inference that a new synth is truly ground-breaking makes a fluid GUI all the more vital. In a world where any WAV can now be an oscillator source, more fully engaging a person's ability to mesh with der wundertoy is what grabs me. This synth looks smart and playable, due respect, but I doubt it comes with an anti-gravity module.

  2. It seems many classic synthesizers became classics partially because of their 'flaws' and 'quirks' … qualities that the manufacturers didn't intend or would have even eliminated if they could. Some synths that were considered cheesy-sounding when they came out are now considered classics because of their unique sound. That may be one reason why it's difficult to create a new classic analog synthesizer today.

  3. I hope that the major manufacturers, Korg, Roland and Yamaha realize that bottom line we want to buy analog synths. As good as VA can be it seems odd that 95% of synth hardware released is doing the same thing as a computer based VST. Fantastic emulations abound, but we'd gladly pay a bit extra for the real thing.

  4. I could not care less what it looks like so long as its functional and sounds great like a real VCO analogue synth! If they can make it for €1500 then Im sure people will buy it – I will! But the time is now! Who knows how musical trends change if you leave it too long…

  5. Build it, demonstrate it, show me the YouTube vid. Then I'll take an interest. Life is too short to analyse other people's dreams.

  6. None would manufacture it for 1500, Amazona even claims they believe it sell able for 1000euro!

    Plain silly, they have absolutely no idea what kind of manufacturing and design
    costs are involved doing poly analog not to forget discreet circutry! Its not eve doable
    for 1000euro if it where they have to at least sell it for 2000euro.

    The whole idea are silly! The investment for makers like Korg and Roland would be immense
    because they would hardly do a discreete nor analog if they would the would do like Alesis A6
    custom ASIC and thats expensive.

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