Dr. Bob’s Modular Sample Library Inspired By Tomita, Wendy Carlos, Larry Fast & Jean Michel Jarre

Dr. Bob’s Modular Sample Library is a new collection of sounds that combine classic vintage synthesizer technology with ‘the latest cutting-edge sampling programs’.

The sample library was inspired by the works of pioneering synthesists like Isao Tomita, Wendy Carlos, Larry Fast, and Jean Michel Jarre, and is a fund-raiser for the Bob Moog Foundation.

A System 15 modular, controlled by an Encore Electronics Expressionist, was programmed and sampled using Redmatica’s suite of sample-capture and processing tools. A Moog CP-251 was used to expand the palette of the original synthesizer and allow for greater control options.

Those raw sounds were then processed and mapped using Native Instruments Kontakt’s powerful synthesis capabilities.

Dr. Bob’s Modular Sample Library retails for $50. Subsets of the library are also available for $10 each.

This tribute set is more than just a sample library—50% or your purchase price goes directly to benefit the Bob Moog Foundation. Purchase the full bundle of sounds here for huge savings, or select any sub bundle of 13 sounds below if you want just a taste of what the library has to offer. The library contains a variety of synthesizer sounds that can be used in many styles of music, whether as soaring leads, deep basses, or as subtle backing to other parts.

“Bob Moog considered himself a toolmaker, putting innovative instruments in the hands of musicians as a means a heightening their expressive capacity. Bob’s gift to the musical community and beyond was harnessing electricity into a sonic vehicle that made sound sculpting accessible,” says – Michelle Moog-Kousa, Director, The Bob Moog Foundation. “With Dr. Bob’s Modular, Drew Neumann and Kevin Lamb carry that ethos forward in their unique samples based on Bob’s Moog’s early, groundbreaking technology. Many thanks to Drew and Kevin for making these sound sets a benefit for the Bob Moog Foundation, where we carry Bob’s legacy forward by igniting creativity through the science and history of electronic music.”

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