Ran Kirlian’s Rinjuu (Deathbed)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video capture’s a live studio performance of Ran Kirlian’s Rinjuu (Deathbed).

Technical details below.

via RanKirlian:

Rinjuu (deathbed) – a studio jam starring:
– Alesis Ion & Nord Rack 2x: drone, pads & modulated sounds
– Eurorack modular system: noises, bass & groove
– DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard: occasional distorted pad
– Reaktor Player 5.0 + Spacedrone Mod 1: drones
– Use Audio Plugiator (Pro 12)+ Novation Launchpad: pads & noises
– Additional sounds: vocal overtone recordings at begining and end of the track

4 thoughts on “Ran Kirlian’s Rinjuu (Deathbed)

  1. the music is ok – the name is pissing me off. I have seen too many friends and family pass away in the last years, sometimes under very extreme sorrowful circumstances. No one should use this powerful spiritual terms to catch cheap attention.

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