Christmas Eigenharp Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: After the guests have left and the festivities are done – it’s time for a little electronic music time, isn’t it?

Here’s a Christmas day Eigenharp synth jam,┬ávia gbevin:

Merry Christmas everyone!

I recorded this after fine-tuning a little improvisation in the spirit of this snow-filled holiday season.

This is the last video that I’ll make where the recording is done by the same computer as the one I’m playing with. It seems to introduce too much additional overhead, causing crackling at CPU-intensive parts.

Hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

For those interested, the technical stuff:

* my wonderful ebony Eigenharp Alpha with wooden keys and golden trim
* four instances of Native Instruments Reaktor 5.5 inside Bidule, each on a dedicated MIDI channel
* they’re all running the Native Instrument Prism synth and the Singing Stone patch
* recorded directly with Quicktime and the built-in iSight, with the audio coming from Soundflower which has been set as the audio device of EigenD, no post processing
* I’m monitoring through the Eigenharp Alpha’s built-in headphone output using my Etymotic Research ER-4P in-ears
* EigenD is set up to cycle through the four MIDI channels, allowing independent vibrato and pitch-bend
* I set up some subtle MIDI CC mappings for key yaw and key pressure, bound to a filter in Reaktor and to the synth volume

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