89 thoughts on “Korg Kronos Teaser – Tell Us What You Think It Is

  1. he's right… that my friend, is a wave sequence… scanning through the wavetable osc… I have a feeling that it's a new VA, with some kaoss and electribe technology thrown in for good measure…

  2. That sounds somewhat interesting. I just hope it's something interesting and not just another normal synth. Seen some people hating on the Teenage Engineering synth here, but at least it's got some novel aspects.

  3. Judging by sound and message it will not be something retro in technology (analogue synth) or in appearance (looking like analogue synth). Font, however, reminds of Monotron logo a bit.

  4. i wish korg would come out with an audio-to-midi synth workstation… hum what you want into the sequencer (with built-in auto-correction), and then assign the midi info to whatever patch you want. Add in some Karma, TR-style automation editing, and a Kaoss interface…. and I would spontaneously combust from the awesomeness.

  5. According to Greek Mythology… Kronos killed and ate his babies because he did not want any one of them to succeed him…

    (well…one of his kids managed to survive…Zeus )

    1. So after Korg 'Kronos' one day there will be Korg /Roland /Yamaha 'Zeus"? In that case I will save my money for the Zeus workstation.

  6. I really hate these teasers. Now I am all excited about something that I know nothing about and probably can't afford anyway. I'm just going to go and play with my Radias now.

  7. That is one thing I like about Korg is that they don't dwell too much on the past and try to move towards the future. That's what I like about the Radias.

  8. Really I'd wish that companies would dwell on the past a little more – like having a couple of signature instruments in their range which would be available to this day with minor enchancements (MIDI). Like MS-10/20 by Korg or TR-808 by Roland. I think it wouldn't hurt progress.

  9. I'd like to see a combination Radias/Wavestation that can load custom multi-samples, has modular signal path (like Origin), full high quality effects per part, and multi timbral combi parts that can be edited independently of the original program (like Virus TI). I'd also like all files (samples, etc.) specific to a particular program or combi to be stored as a single monolithic file.

  10. hoping for a return to MOSS synthesis, or a new all-analog synth. anything else will just be another flavor-of-the-month VA.

  11. I certainly hope it will be as impressive like the z1, after the z1 korg failed to deliver good synths…
    Radias sucks beyond belief so please nothing in that direction…

    But probably it will be an iphone app. ( which also sucks tbh )

  12. Brain = Digital Heart = Analog
    A digital/Analog hybrid that that puts digital sound sources through real analog filters, then re-samples it back into the digital domain.

  13. A new kind of instrument that picks up brain waves transmitted via satellite
    and sneds these brain waves to the new Korg instrument which then translates
    it into sound.

  14. I know what i want it to be, which is the Polytron – but i think it's actually going to be Korg's answer to the Tenori-on, possibly with different synth engines.

    If it's VA, or Rompler, it's pointless though.

    I have high hopes, but low expectations…..

  15. Well this is hardly a "teaser". Didn't excite me whatsoever. Compare this to the Octatrack teaser! That makes me wanna sell my soul to the Devil for gaining one of those!

  16. What’s the last thing they came up with? The PS60. Why make that when they just came out with the X50? It’s a boutique synth with a little customized convenience in the knobs for niche players/performers. Korg is less innovating than becoming a boutique synth maker. Their last great innovation was Kaoss. Maybe they’re coming up with a thought-controlled synth with a neuro-receptive headband, as one of the first posters suggested. They’ll have to do better than baby versions of already existing technology. Having Karma for my M50 precluded me needed to spend all that on an M3. I have a feeling this Kronos is going to be geared toward the scratching/thumping/raving audience, which, unfortunately, seems to be the immediate future of popular music.

  17. its the latest incarnation of the workstation with built-in audio recording and sampling using their 1bit audio technology for amazing quality!

  18. All of you are wrong…..its a new workstation board but the catch is that its all korgs greatest synths from the M1 to the M3 To the legacy cell vst all combine into one monster of a technologically advanced workstation board

  19. It best be an Electribe on mof**kn steroids with a touchscreen interface, better synth and sampling, and turns my girlfriend on too!

  20. I hope that the Kronos is a polyphonic (real) analog beast, something like the discontinued Alesis Andromeda. Real analog oscillators (no VA), a five octave keyboard, and a panel loaded with knobs for hands on programming, a totally unique synth that allows for the creation of new out of this world sounds with analog warmth. I sure hope that it's not another digital workstation. The Triton, M3, etc. are great workstations, but we don't need another workstation with the same type of passe polished digital sounds.

  21. wouldn't the Tenori-on for the iPad be kinda cool? or a Roland D2 on the iPad, if you could add your own samples, that would rock.

  22. Korg hasn't released any new soft synths for Mac/PC in quite awhile. Although they've been dabbling with AWESOME apps for the ipad, I would prefer to see some kind of hardware/software solution so that you can run the same sounds on your computer at home but take them with you when you bring your keyboard to gigs. I prefer a big-ass screen on my computer (actually a couple of screens) but when playing live a simple 2 line LED display is ok.

  23. It Will replace oasys, flash memory, 16 internal parts + 16 external midi parts, va and huge hibrid sampler, new physical models and huge touch monitor. It’s not a precision, I have had internal news from korg…

  24. Go to Korg.com. They have Video and Audio clips posted already. If they can keep the price down they'll sell a ton of these. A lot of it is Korg recycled meets Roland V-Synth GT, but the samples sound incredible.

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