Bruno Ender Lee’s Velvet Voyage

Is it just us – or is 2011 already off to a good start for synth jams?

Case in point – Bruno Ender Lee’s Velvet Voyage – a Berlin School style synth jam that sounds a bit like Jean Michel Jarre jamming with Klaus Schulze in 1977.

Synth details below.

via synthypnosis:

VELVET VOYAGE – “MacBeth M5N (& Friends)_4” – Performed live 5. Jan. 2011 by Bruno Ender Lee.
MacBeth M5N & Doepfer MAQ-Sequencer, Moog Little Phatty Stage II, ARP Odyssey, Roland Juno-60, Roland JP-8000, Analogue Solutions Vostok, Korg Delta, Korg DS-8, Prophet 2000, Technics KN 3000, Absynth

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