Vintage Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: RetroSounds’s Baltic Sea – a vintage synth ambient track, featuring Roland JD-800 and Oberhiem OB-Xa.

Technical details below.

via retrosound72:

vintage synth track by RetroSound

“Baltic Sea” ambient track

lead sound and pads: Roland JD-800 (4 layer changing)
bass drone: Oberheim OB-Xa (hold mode)

all baltic sea pics made by me.

more info: and and

3 thoughts on “Vintage Synth Jam

  1. …As someone who used to write music like this, I have to admit: I have come to strongly dislike drone pieces like this. : | Just seems like a shame to hear nothing more than two very basic pads coming from such wonderful instruments.

    Par for the retrosynth course, though.

  2. Yes lovely! I don't see the point in writing and artist that you don't like the music. Simply turn the piece of if you disagree with the work. For me this is very pleasant. Keep up the good work.

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