New Voice-To-MIDI iPhone App

iPhone voice to midi appVoice Control is a wireless MIDI controller application for the iPhone that converts the pitch of your voice into signals for controlling MIDI devices networked to your computer.


  • Select your vocal range – from bass to soprano (center picker wheel)
  • Shift the pitch of converted MIDI signals up or down (right picker wheel)
  • Display the note you are currently singing (left picker wheel)
  • Sliders let you change the input audio level and the amount of pitch “smoothing”
  • Tap “Set Up” to switch to the “Control” screen
  • Control the volume and expression in real time using the x-y control pad while you sing
  • Rotate the device to pan the sound left to right

The developer does not mention support for any of the available hardware MIDI adapters that are available for iOS devices as of version 1.1.

Voice Control sells for $1.99.

One thought on “New Voice-To-MIDI iPhone App

  1. How does this thing work? I bought it. It makes some notes with huge latency. I set up the midi prefs thing for my macbook in audio/midi prefs and connected my iphone. I Turned on the DSMidi network thing. Random notes not following my voice.

    Anyone help me please. A video would be great.

    Thanks. Aidan.

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