Beat Kangz Beat Thang On The Way

2011 NAMM Show: The Beat Kangz have announced that “the Beat Thangz are on the Boat from China!”:

Pre order now because this first 1,000 units is gonna go FAST!! Half are sold already!

If you’ve had a chance to try out the hardware Beat Thang, let us know what you think of it!

18 thoughts on “Beat Kangz Beat Thang On The Way

  1. The beat thang software is buggy, has crumby sequencing, shitty effects, and poor sound quality. The sampler was missing major functionality, the interface was ugly, and the company was shady about specs. As much as I like seeing small companies succeed, the beat thang is a POS product marketed at amateurs who don't know better.

    With maschine, the mpc2500, and now Spark/Tempest, only a fool would gamble on the BeatKangz hardware. Epic ghetto fail.

  2. These marketing videos are such a joke. These clowns are clearly far more interested in promoting themselves than their actual product. Maybe it'll work out for them, but I'm not holding my breath…

    Not a single unique feature on this box, same old sample playback and digital effects. This thing looks no better than an MPC or a Korg ESX-1, products that have been available for years…

  3. niggas be straight clownin, ya herd – ima ball it up n ball it out cuz thas how i roll up in dis hizzy, ridin dirty as a mufucka

  4. Nobody who is serious about hip-hop is going to use this over a MPC.

    This is aimed at the 16 white kid from the burbs who wanders into guitar center.

  5. Why the constant racist comments on these guys seriously… you can’t have an intelligent online discussion on the product or rational criticism without your own so called wit to enhance ur own ego yet constantly diss them for thiers… ridiculous. Typing words on a keyboard is perhaps all ur worth… why don’t some of You go do what they did ur own way. That would be way more impressive. This Thang is far from a pos… and many people are using it and are satisfied beyond measure this one included.

  6. 2 sd card slots
    both types of USB bus power a midi controller
    load samples off a flash Key
    adjustable ppq
    4 FX busses including mastering
    200 voice polyphony
    256 ram 4x more than an mpc 5000
    2 head phone outs
    mic/line in with phantom power and built in limiter….
    Pitch and mod wheel
    adjustable buffer size
    upgradeable processor
    rechageable lithium ion battery 4-6 hours
    every key lights up one touch lighting controls
    full color video 3.5 hi res LCD
    All metal construction that can be plated
    chromatic key layout so can play keys or drums
    8 pad banks per track!
    up to 16 sounds layered per pad with velocity
    beat thang virtual CPU app that syncs with it
    3,000 preset sound created in the best studios
    over 100 drum kits
    over 200 instruments
    and over 100 potentialy hit rolyalty beats…..

    Our stats speak for them selves……

    Find better specs or sounds on any portable drum machine any where…… Not gonna happen…. Funny how yall talk’n crazy and ain’t even seen it in person…..

    We ready for war and the top of the
    music biz is riding with us lol…… Don’t belive that lol….. Ok wait till the next video I post suckers.

    You Lil dudes have no clue what’s about to happen and ur hate makes this sooooooo sweet….

    The fact that you could hate on 3 young dudes who figured out how to compete with the biggest companies in the biz is beyond me…….

    This severe hate for no reason just further fuels my fire.

    Damn I’m 29 and am just getting started. You should be VERY AFRAID!!! Muaahhh ha ha
    while you typeing on these forums I’m plotting on total industry domination.

    Thank you chezz and you know we’ll be sponsoring the American beat box championships again because we actually support people trying to do positive thangz…..!

    Now to all the rest please continue your random hate fest. You are just making the story way more epic!!!!!!

    Against all odds….. Facing a sea of blind hate….. Behind shedule….. Over budget….. From the bottom to the top!!!!! From 50$ and drawing!

    The biggest underdog in music equipment history!

    It’s an Epic ghetto sucess story and you hate it soooooo bad don’t u!!!! It burns u haters up soooooo bad doesn’t it!!!!! Makes u wanna stay up all night typeing ur hate don’t it…… Oooohh damn it makes you mad that three black men from the south could create something like this…..

    I have a dream! Bring on the fire hoses and dogs! Bring on your rocks and tear gas……

    We shall over come! This is for every kid who was ever told he couldn’t do something!!!

    1. i am down with u man,i have the beat thangz on my computer it has the best drums sounds ever, no other soft ware can come close trust me i have them is a black company thats why the hate!

  7. the thing that bothers me is i invested in this company and their product was shitty. I was lied to by AJA, their president who posted in this comment section. i was lied to about features and updates. the guy is a real jerk to deal with and I would recommend not having to deal with this company. If a company puts out a good product you never see a president of a company up in the comments talking the product up, addressing the "haters". A good product speaks for it self. BEWARE of BEATKANGZ. this is coming from a excustomer and exsupporter. They can not be trusted..

  8. “It’s an Epic ghetto sucess story and you hate it soooooo bad don’t u!!!! It burns u haters up soooooo bad doesn’t it!!!!! Makes u wanna stay up all night typeing ur hate don’t it…… Oooohh damn it makes you mad that three black men from the south could create something like this…..”


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