Rhythm Core Alpha International Release

Developers send word of a new version of Rhythm Core Alpha – a new virtual studio for the Nintendo DSI:

We’re going to release a new version of our advanced music creation system “Rhythm Core Alpha” for Nintendo DSiWare in Europe, the UK, and Australia on January 21st for 500 Nintendo Points.

We’ve made numerous improvements for this release, including a new multi-waveform vibrato feature, recording of the solo mode into tracks, recording of key and block changes into patterns, and improved pattern editing.

Rhythm Core Alpha is already available in the Americas.

They stressed several points about Rhythm Core Alpha:

  • Despite it’s low price point (500 Nintendo points), the developers consider it the most advanced music program on the Nintendo DSi. The user interface actually resembles that of professional music sequencers like Cubase, FruityLoops, Ableton Live and Reason.
  • The ADSR and vibrato features allow great sound customization, which, when combined with the 100’s of sounds available give a lot of options for creating your own sounds.
  • It lets you change the key and scale of your own compositions on-the-fly. This, combined with the unique 2d solo mode make it flexible for playing live or composing.
  • Although it crams a lot of controls onto the screen, it is actually an easier to use interface than other music programs, because you can see all of your musical parts at once.
  • It is not a program for making songs with canned beats. It’s designed for making your own music.

Details for Rhythm Core Alpha are available at the developer’s site.


  • Its advanced DRUM GRID and NOTE GRID allow rhythm loops, basslines, and melodies to be created simply by tapping spots on the screen.
  • It also has a unique 2D SOLO MODE, which lets you play sound live with the Nintendo DSi stylus. This mode’s 2d grid makes the largest number of notes available at once, making it easy to play real melodies.
  • The PATTERN SCREEN ties it all together, allowing the beats and chord changes to be ar- ranged into complete songs.
  • Patterns can contain many loops that you can also select with the Nintendo DSi’s buttons, allowing you to change your beat or chord progression when- ever you want. Nothing else does this.
  • Finally, the SOLO MODE only shows notes that match the key and scale of the music you have sequenced, making it impossible to hit a wrong note. Nothing else does this.
  • Rhythm Core Alpha comes with nearly 300 built-in sounds, including synth sounds, orchestral sounds, rock sounds, and even old computer and video game (chipmusic) sounds. Furthermore, it al- lows the sounds to be customized with an adjustable ADSR envelope, and now with a powerful multi- waveform vibrato feature that is new to this release!

New In This Release

Numerous features have been added for this release, including not just the Vibrato, but also live recording of your solos directly into instrument tracks, live recording of your block and key changes into patterns, and enhanced pattern editing. This makes it a great tool for live performance. You can actually build an entire song live.

You can change the key of the music you sequenced with the +Control Pad or face buttons, like fingering a guitar, while soloing with the Nintendo DSi stylus using your other hand. Or you can sequence all of the chord changes in the pattern mode and concentrate more on your soloing.

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  1. I still have to work out the details with Nintendo, but I do intend to reward everyone who has purchased the currently available US version with an even more powerful version than the current UK one for little or no cost.

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