Korg MicroPiano – A Mini Grand Piano

Korg introduced the MicroPiano, a mini-keyboard grand piano, at the 2011 NAMM Show.

They’re tiny – but they’re new!


  • Evocative and sophisticated grand piano appearance – including opening lid
  • “Natural Touch” mini keyboard is compact and responsive
  • Excellent playing feel, suitable for both beginners and for serious performers
  • Robust and authentic stereo-sampled grand piano sound
  • 61 rich and vibrant sounds in all – organs, electric pianos, accordion, and more; 25 “Short Phrase Sounds” play a musical phrase by simply pressing a key
  • Built-in speakers and battery power offer “play anywhere” performance
  • Three stylish lid color choices: Black, Red, or White
  • Demo Songs – automatic playback adds entertainment value

The microPIANO features a 61-key mini-keyboard. The grand piano sound uses the same stereo samples as Korg’s flagship digital pianos.

You can choose one of three lid colors and finishes: chic Black or vivid Red, both with a high-quality mirror finish; or a stylish White.

61 Sounds including 25 Short Phrase Sounds

The microPIANO comes equipped with 61 sounds.

Keyboard sounds go beyond the traditional pianos to include electric pianos, harpsichords, accordion, celeste, organs, clavs, toy pianos and more. Outside of the keyboard family, there are also flutes, strings, harps, bells, and mallet percussion sounds – marimbas, vibes, steel drums, even kalimbas and music boxes.

Of these 61 sounds, 25 are “Short Phrase Sounds” that can automatically generate phrases simply by holding down a key. For example, these include piano sounds that provide a left-hand accompaniment in the lower range, allowing you to play the melody line with your right hand; organ sounds complete with phrases from famous pipe organ compositions; or even accompaniment phrases as often used by hand-cranked barrel organs.

Sounds such as toy piano and steel drum offer phrases mimicking the playing techniques unique to those instruments, and can be used as sound effects or as creative ideas.

Pricing for the Korg MicroPiano is TBA.

4 thoughts on “Korg MicroPiano – A Mini Grand Piano

  1. Hi,

    I owned this product and have mixed feelings about it. This product has been discontinued. It was obviously not going to appeal to serious pianists due to the tiny keys and five octave range, and very few teachers would recommend this product to beginners because a weighted keyboard with fullsize keys is really the way to go. I don’t think Korg thought this one out properly. I don’t think they knew quite who to market this too. The Japanese website shows famillies and children. I bought one and it does sound quite professional you can run it on batteries too. There are some cool preset sounds but with no midi or usb, it is limited and I think professional musicians like me get fed up with it quickly. Why play this when you have a fullsize and much more expensive and luxurious instrument than this. You may take this to a party or a friends place but even then it looks kind of kooky. I mean if you take this to a party it looks like a toy, and in spite of running on batteries it is kind of heavy and not the easiest thing to lug around. Still, it does have a charm because the grand piano sound is quite good and it beats any toy piano. It looks cute. Mine rests in ky bedroom. My main piano is in the living room which is where I play but this keeps me entertained.

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