Free Download: “Wobbly” Bach

Here’s some electronic Bach that’s not switched on – Yasuo Akai’s interpretation of JS Bach’s Aria (theme of Goldberg-Variationen, BWV 988.

Per the artist:

The track was provided for German choreographers Thomas Plischke & Kattrin Deufert’s dance piece,the first version of “InExhaustible (2003),” based on a scene from Ridley Scott film “Hannibal,” adapted from Thomas Harris novel of the same name, in which Lecter cuts out part of Klendler’s brain. It was the choreographer’s idea to make this slow Aria. The dance piece played with a misconception of Antonin Artaud’s concept of “theater of cruelty.”

Via Marc Wiedenbaum, who says “By smudging the original, Akai has engendered new details, little crackles and creases, bent notes and fragile melodic intervals, that are entirely the result of the new version.”

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