Ultimate Hyperstation Professional 2 Tier Laptop Stand

2011 NAMM Show: This video, via PSSL01, takes a look at the Ultimate Hyperstation – a professional 2-tier laptop stand.

Here are the details:

Hyper Station is designed to go wherever your music takes you.

While sturdy enough to safely hold your laptop and other small electronics, it folds up as one piece and fits in a backpack. Hyper Station is constructed from die-cast aluminium, making it sturdy, while surprisingly light. The automotive-grade anodized finish is stunning and scratch resistant. The laptop support arms are angle- and depth adjustable.

You can place your laptop at whatever angle suits your needs and then secure it in place with the telescoping non-marring arm stops.  The second tier is height adjustable and fitted with ports for venting and cables.

It’s expected to be available around Q3 for about $140.

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Hyperstation Professional 2 Tier Laptop Stand

  1. i like the design. having tried out wobbly budget solution that didn't work for me in a performance situation , it is nice to see an alternative to the Crane laptop stand.

  2. Another piece of gear that is absolutely butt fuckin ugly. Jesus.

    Do these gear product designers have NO restraint at all?

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