Coming Soon – A New ‘Early Sampling Circuit Simulator’

NAMM 2011: Plogue has released this teaser on their new ‘secret project’, an “Early Sampling Circuit Simulator”, which runs as a VST/AU/RTAS Effect.

It contains resamplers, filters, speaker impulses and other algorithms to emulate the signal path of well known early sampling devices, like for instance an SK-1 or the Amiga Paula, from the required analog to digital conversion (far from mere ‘bit crushing’), up until the end speaker.

via wwwPLOGUEcom:

The same mindset that brought chipsounds to life, the acquisition, care and research is all in there. Everything that could NOT fit in chipsounds since it dealt with streamed samples is in here.

As with the NAMM2009 announcement of chipsounds, there is more to it than this, and we will keep some details, including the name and UI secret, until its ready to ship!

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