Kurzweil PC3 Gets OS Update

Kurzweil PC3 OS 2.0Kurzweil Music Systems announced the release OS V2.0 for the PC3 line at the 2011 NAMM Show.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New presets include acoustic pianos, synths, pads, FM electric pianos, over 100 new drum kits and a comprehensive collection of pipe organ stop settings.
  • Both the KB3 tone-wheel organ simulator and rotary effects have been improved.
  • A new Intuitive Info feature, which enables the PC3 to provide visual feedback in the display whenever a controller (slider, button, wheel, etc.) is used, letting the player know which parameter is being affected and by how much in real-time.
  • The PC3’s synthesis engine has undergone a few notable enhancements. Several new V.A.S.T. DSP oscillators have been added along with the ability to edit both keymaps and samples in ROM, opening up even more sonic possibilities.

If y0u’ve updated your PC3, leave a comment with your thoughts on OS 2.0.

2 thoughts on “Kurzweil PC3 Gets OS Update

  1. I have just purchased a new PC3. Should be here soon. I played one with the update. Kurzweil has the best piano sounds, I believe that I have heard, and I am impressed overall with the new vintage sounds and the KB3 sounds also. I would like to know about their durability. Do they hold up gigging? I've had success with most of the competitors out there. This is my first Kurzweil. Thx!

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