26 thoughts on “Deadmau5 Studio – Mau5trap 2.0

  1. Nice to see one of the ‘new’ kids on the block using so many hardware synths. I am sure that’s why he has managed to create his own ‘sound’ and not sound like every other soft synth / iPad based artist out there. (I like to stick something in there to annoy the iPad geeks! 😉

  2. I remember reading somewhere that he used to build up a lot of his loops using fruity loops using the bundled synths and export them into cubase.

  3. "my latest weird ass creation.. 9 moogerfoogers all routed through an SSL X-Patch system, 8 audio ins / 8 audio outs 8 CV I/O routes as well. infernal noise machine" ~mau5

  4. If he continues at this pace we'll probably see a new room for the studio in version 3. It's really a little crammed in there even without all the equipment. Probably depends on how low you're willing to go when it comes to the ratio of the shorter to the smaller wall of a somewhat rectangular room.

  5. Whether you like his music or not, he's really got some nice stuff in there. By the way, what's the large white one above the Minimoog Voyager Old School?

  6. You are the stupid one. It's obvious that there's a lens trick but he is talking about that black thing/shape/whatever on the ceiling. 🙂

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