Tom Oberheim SEM Pro Unboxing

Tom Oberheim SEM Pro unboxing video, via scott2eh:

Unboxing video of a Tom Oberheim SEM-Pro. The song was done by me (Scott From Canada) entirely with the SEM pro (all sounds) except for the drums, which were done with the Korg M3M.

Some sounds were overdubbed a few times and of course some effects were added in the mix, but every sound originated in the SEM-Pro.

It is a VERY fat, clean and powerful sounding synth, a really nice addition to any keyboard setup. Highly recommended. I will probably use this more than the Moog Slim Phatty.

6 thoughts on “Tom Oberheim SEM Pro Unboxing

  1. When I pulled the cardboard away and actually saw the SEM (where I cut to black in the video) I actually kinda involuntarily giggled or chuckled a bit and got goosebumps. I wasn't expecting that at all but I guess since I've been seeing these things since about 1978 it was quite bit of a build up!

  2. I did one of these unboxing videos once and later it struck me what a truly dumb genre it is. But this guy's done something extra with the idea: we get a nice piece of music to listen to and a product demo. And it's all rather well produced. Ought to be on Tom's payroll! If I hadn't just acquired a (gorgeous) Vermona Lancet complete with modular panel I'd be seriously tempted by one of these…

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