Rare Korg MS-20 Hardware Controller Used With Virtual Korg MS-20 To Simulate A Vintage Korg MS-20

This video, via Throbbing Gristle’s Chris Carter, demonstrates using the rare Korg MS-20 hardware controller with the virtual Korg MS-20 for the iPad, Korg iMS-20, to simulate the classic Korg MS-20 synthesizer.

Whew! If your head hasn’t exploded yet, consider that this convoluted setup is actually pretty awesome.

Carter says:

Once you have it connected and communicating there are a few things to note: Using physical patch cables on the MS20 hardware is mirrored on the iMS20 App, which very cool.

Another major benefit of using the MS20 controller is that it functions regardless of which mode the iMS20 App is in – Synth, Drums, Song or Mixer. This means you can tweak synth sounds while editing drums, patterns or changing mixer levels and without having to continually return to the Synth page, as you have to without the controller.

Carter’s doesn’t really show off iMS-20 as a synth – but it’s very powerful and sounds great.

17 thoughts on “Rare Korg MS-20 Hardware Controller Used With Virtual Korg MS-20 To Simulate A Vintage Korg MS-20

  1. Looks fun, but it's missing the ONE thing people actually care about when they go for an MS10 or MS20….REAL ANALOG SOUND. 😛


  2. I have that controller and together with iMS-20 it's a dream !

    Just one point:

    I use the Controller with the iPad Photo Kit. It doesn't work just to connect the controller with the iPad. You have to use a USB hub with power supply between them, otherwise there's not enough currency for the controller.

  3. Sh..t! Not again!
    f..ck the ipad! Go learn to play a real instrument like guitar or piano or bass or drums or flute or violin or organ or cello or glockenspiel or theremin or castanets or…………………………………… a real analog synth !!!!!!!

    It's bacause of crap like this that we will never have another great musicians like:
    Chick Corea
    Stevie Wonder
    Mike Oldfield
    Peter Bardens
    Richard Bona
    Pat Metheny
    Jimi hendrix
    Jeff Beck
    Egberto Gismonti
    Hermeto Pascoal etc etc etc Steve Jobs says : Thanks a lot!

    1. wow with thinking like that would steve ever had dared to innovate with his multitracking… with thinking like that would ELP have made brainsalad surgery? your statement is foolish and wrong.

  4. software synths are real instruments, if everyone had condensed thinking like you music would stay the same, electronic music wouldn't be what it is.

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