19 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Reminder From Jordan Rudess

  1. I wonder how hard it would be to hit the correct notes and intonation on the MorphWiz without having to slide up or down? It has a nice sound, but a little theramin effect goes a long way.

  2. Jordan Rudess … iPad … Synthtopia … hmm … wouldn't it explain a lot if it turned out Synthhead and Jordan Rudess were the SAME PERSON?!?! 😀

  3. I wonder how overexposed and in our faces Rudess can be. Great – he’s got his 32-note @ 220 bpm scales down pat. Now what ? Hasn’t he heard the expression ” leave ’em wanting more ” ? Rudess needs to realize that an Emerson or Wakeman he’ll never be. Enough already. Chops for the sake of chops doesn’t cut it anymore. Lots of us have chops. Lots of us don’t need the constant ego stroke from the public, I’m happy to say.

  4. everybody, STOP HATING
    why must everyone expect to pleased 100% of the time. can you do better? show it instead of whining about someone else who is clearly having fun and enjoying the gift of music.

    love y'all

  5. He demonstrated the MIDI version at Macworld, connected to Omnisphere. He said that originally he had rejected the idea of MIDI for Morphwiz because he wanted it to be all "in the box," i.e. he wanted it to be good on its own. I think he went on to say that after he had a discussion with someone (Eric P. of Spectrasonics maybe?) trying to make the "no MIDI" case, he realized that argument didn't really make sense, so a MIDI version is forthcoming.

    In spite of having listened to a couple of Dream Theater albums, and seeing his name in print in an issue of Future Music (I think?), I never knew much about Jordan Rudess. Having met him and heard him play in person, I have to say, he's pretty cool, and an excellent musician!

  6. I have to agreed that Jordo gets more than his fair share of exposer, but he's a good musician and a synth geek. If is appearing anywhere shouldn't it be on a site like this? I like his cover of the Disney theme (minus the smile.)

  7. I love that app. And good news that a MIDI version is in the works.

    It's just spellbinding that a musician who clearly loves technology didn't think to add MIDI right up front. And he's not alone. The overall shortsightedness has been staggering, but devs are slowly getting it….

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