Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells Live


Mike Oldfield and band perform his 1973 composition Tubular Bells live.

Live studio performance of Tubular Bells Part 1 for BBC TV ‘2nd House’, filmed on 30 November 1973. Originally broadcast on BBC2 on 1 December, with a cast including Oldfield, his brother Terry (flute), Fred Frith (and other members of Henry Cow), Steve Hillage, Pierre Moerlen, Tom Newman, Mike Ratledge, Mick Taylor, Karl Jenkins and others. It includes a new part for oboe.

10 thoughts on “Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells Live

  1. Whenever I listen to Mike Oldfield I'm struck by his unusual lead guitar technique and intonation. It's like he's trying to play in a slightly different tuning than what his instrument is actually tuned in. I find it very hard to listen to, even if I like the piece he's playing.

  2. [youtube oq7luvKN2zw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq7luvKN2zw youtube]

    I have always been a synth guy and never one for the progressive rock whining guitar sound but I have always loved Mike Oldfield! Dunno why… So much so I covered a song for my first album and have plans to do a tribute album including a synth remake of Tubular Bells. I would love to take on Amarok as that is my all time favorite but why remake perfection?

  3. Very nice cover!

    WIth Oldfield, the orchestations and complexities seem to grow out of the music, instead of feeling like it's going into 15/8 for no reason at all.

  4. Many people do not know the whole album Tubular Bells, just for starters that is used in the movie The Exorcist. The whole album is excellent.

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