Synth Magic Intros Sounds Of The Quadra

Synth Magic has introduced Sounds Of The Quadra – a virtual ARP Quadra synthesizer and analogue style sequencer for Native Instruments Kontakt 4.

Sounds of the Quadra is a virtual instrument for MAC and PC and is designed to let users recreate the sounds of the legendary 1978 synthesiser.

Here’s what Synth Magic has to say about their virtual ARP Quadra:

This instrument has an user interface based on a real Quadra’s front panel. Once loaded into your Kontakt sampler, the thousands of lines of programming code creates a virtual Quadra synth experience with all the functionality of a real Quadra. All Sliders and envelopes have been calibrated and timed to behave like a real Quadra and there are lots of great extra features that really bring the Quadra synthesiser into the modern world.

Each section of the Quadra has been sampled.Every single note in every octave for every sound. There are no stretching of any samples across a key range for a true authentic sound.The programming code creates all the envelope calibrations as well as the Bass synth, String synth, Poly synth and lead synthesiser’s beautiful graphical user interface which allows the user to shape the sound from the front panel, just like a real Quadra. There are seperate effects sections for each synth section of the Quadra and an analogue sequencer that, again, draws its inspiration from ARP’s 1970’s sequencer and really gets the creative juices flowing.

Sounds of the Quadra retails for £19.99 GBP.

4 thoughts on “Synth Magic Intros Sounds Of The Quadra

  1. I bought this and I have to say its really good,I used to own a Quadra years ago and in my madness sold her.
    I would say this is as close as you can get without shelling out £3000 pounds for a real Quadra.
    Doh!!!!I could kick myself for selling my Quadra for peanuts all those years back.

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