Download 100 Free Apple Loops

Here’s a collection of 100 free Apple Loops, Analog Rocker Apple Loops, from Puremagnetik’s collection of circuit bent, modular, vintage drum instruments and more.

Apple Loops can be dragged and dropped into Logic, Kontakt, Cubase and many other DAWs for automatic sync and time-stretching.

The free Apple Loops are licensed as No Rights Reserved. You can preview and download the loops via the embed above. Clicking the “Buy” button takes you to the Puremagnetik site, where you can check out their loop libraries.

via Puremagnetik on SoundCloud

3 thoughts on “Download 100 Free Apple Loops

  1. As much as I love soundcloud and places like puremagnetik that offer up free stuff…

    i want to choke the people that think I want to sit here and click "download" 100 times – where the hell is the .rar or .zip file?

    I mean seriously.

  2. I hear you, yet I think its done by design (or better put; it wouldn't surprise me).

    Who is going to bother here? Most likely not the people who might be interested in some loops for professional use because they sure got better things to do than spending an hour rummaging through this material.

    Whereas an hobbyist who doesn't do commercial work…

    I know I'm generalizing, but alas 😉

  3. quick tip….download a firefox extension called "DownThemAll". All I did was click play, let the tracks play through till the end, and then I clicked the button which downloaded them all for me.

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