Massive MacBeth M5N Polyphonic Squeal-a-thon

Ken MacBeth demonstrates the MacBeth Studio Systems M5N synthesizer, played polyphonically:

Here is a demonstration of the MacBeth M5N being played in 3 note polyphonic via a Kenton Pro4 in polyphonic cyclic mode! I believe that the Pro2000 unit will also do the same thing.

Each of the oscillators on the M5N gets its own CV from the Pro4. I wish my keyboard skills were a little bit better- but this will give you some idea!

I used three cams for this- a Canon 60D, a Nikon D90 and my small Sanyo Xacti camera that sat on a tripod above things!
Hope you enjoy, Ken M

PS- Sadly, there is a squawky ‘artifact’ on this vid……=/

Absolutely massive.

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