The ARP 2600 (Video Overview)

This set of videos, by Marc Doty, takes a look at the classic ARP 2600, considered by many to be one of the best analog synths ever made. It was derived from designs created for the ARP 2500 modular synthesizer, but featured normalized internal connections between modules.

The ARP 2600 features:

  • 3 VCOs
  • LFO
  • 24 DB low-pass filter
  • VCA
  • Spring reverb effect
  • 49-note keyboard
  • CV/Gate control

The ARP 2600 has been used notably by Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Weather Report, Rick Wakeman, Pete Townshend, Stevie Wonder, Nine Inch Nails and many others.

A software recreation of the ARP 2600 is available through Arturia, ARP 2600 V.

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